“There is a spiritual aspect to our lives — when we give, we receive — when a business does something good for somebody, that somebody feels good about them!”
— Ben Cohen, Co-Founder Ben & Jerry's

Happy Clients


I met Sharon Count  recently and immediately liked her for her drive, determination, kindness, warmth  and competence. We have also both seen more than our fair share of the inside of a divorce court room.  She genuinely wants to help other women going through divorce. Sharon has lots of years experience in working in the financial industry and has made it her mission to guide women  to their next phase of life.

— D.T.

Thank you so much not only your ready help during a very stressful day (and time in general), but also for your thoroughness and ability to explain everything to me so clearly. Your help and support made such a difference in my outlook.

- L.W.

Loved our work together - thank you so much! Great value-add very quickly!

- P.K.

Thanks for taking the time to sit with me in the courtroom this morning. I found the experience very unpleasant, but having you there made it much easier to go through. You did a great job for us.