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Our Philosophy

Drawing on over 30 years of experience as a financial-planning practitioners and leaders, Sharon Count and Pete Soltesz enjoy helping clients navigate the complex array of challenges they face. Their guiding principles are honesty, integrity, and attention to detail. These principles are reflected in all aspects of their clients' care.

As such, their clients experience a process centered on the aspects of their lives which matter most. Peering in, you'd likely find Pete and Sharon engaged in thoughtful dialog with clients over how to help maximize the quality of time they spend with their loved ones, important choices they are making in their businesses or professional careers, how their health is impacting productivity, and more.

Through deep reflection, rigorous analysis, and collaboration with colleagues, teammates, and subject-matter authorities, Sharon and Pete thread the unique, personal aspects of their clients lives together with customized solutions. Their strategies are elegant, yet understandable.

Pete and Sharon believe that the cumulative impact of building such relationships has enabled their clients to have faith, trust and confidence in a process tailored to help them pursue their dreams, ambitions and goals.

Our Team

Sharon Count, CDFA®, Certified Mediator

Sharon Count received her Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® designation from the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts™. She received her Divorce Mediation Certification from Northwestern University’s School of Professional Studies. Sharon Count was a client of the Cook County court system for over 10 years in her own extensive divorce proceedings, including two trials in the circuit court and an appellate court appeal. Ultimately, mediation was the solution. Sharon and her husband, Kevin, reside in Glenview, Illinois, have two sons and two daughters, and enjoy the Chicago Botanic Gardens.

Pete Soltesz, Certified Mediator

Pete Soltesz received his Divorce Mediation Certification from Northwestern University’s School of Professional Studies. He was a client of the DuPage County court system for over 2 years. Pete and his significant other, Kim, reside in Villa Park, Illinois, have four daughters, and enjoy the beekeeping and horses.

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