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A Partial List of Topics Addressed In Divorce


  • Parenting decision-making

  • Parenting schedule

  • Living arrangements

  • Child support

  • Medical & dental insurance and unreimbursed expenses

  • Life insurance for the benefit of the child(ren)

  • Disability insurance

  • Education expenses

  • Special events, activities expenses

  • Religious education and decision-making

  • Travel, including international

  • Transportation

  • Contact during time with other parent

  • Moving

  • Tax issues


  • Marital home (Title, valuation, division, insurance, maintenance and repairs during divorce and after)

  • Other real estate

  • Vehicles (automobiles, boats, motorcycles)

  • Furniture and household items

  • Artwork, antiques, specially valued or insured items

  • Personal Property (Clothing, jewelry, furs, books)

  • Retirement accounts (401(k) plans, IRA’s, pension plans, profit sharing, etc.)

  • Bank accounts (checking, savings, certificates of deposit, money market)

  • Securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options)

  • Business interests (partnerships, sole proprietorship, others)

Spousal Support/Maintenance/Alimony

  • Will there be spousal support?

  • Will it be modifiable?

    • Amount

    • Frequency

    • Duration

    • Tax effect

Insurance and Medical Expenses

  • Medical, Dental, Orthodontia, Vision

  • Out of Pocket Expenses

Tax Issues

  • Alimony or Spousal Support

  • Exemptions/deductions/credits related to children

  • Past tax returns

  • Taxes on transferred assets/gains


  • Identification of and allocation of assets


  • Amounts due, allocation, indemnification

Typical Legal Time and Process

  • Timing, procedures and approaches

  • Fees and court costs – who pays

  • Name change at time of divorce